The Playgrounds are Games for Children, made of extremely sturdy structures, such that they are replacing the old wooden structures, now defined unsafe in case of failure of regular maintenance.
The Playground Games, of considerable visual impact for colours and the possible topics (forest, space, castle, jungle etc...), don't require maintenance and are innovatiove for use in Outdoor and Indoor Play Areas, which are easy to assemble because equipped with a detailed instruction manual in Italian.
The Playgrounds are tailor-made and theme Games for Children.
In compliance with EN/UNI 1176 standards.
Pgoplay designs:
  • Outdoor Playgrounds, fantastic expandable and modular Fantasy Castle, completely made of aluminium or galvanized material and polyethylene. They can include a single slide, a double slide, a spiral slide, climbings, a linking tunnel and an entrance staircase. All joints are made of aluminium, bolts of stainless steel whereas the platforms are covered with an rubber anti-trauma surface. In compliance with EN/UNI 1176 standards.
  • Indoor playgrounds, built with iron frame with galvanized cast iron joints, high-strenght network, reinforced extruded expanded polystyrene coverage of posts resistant to UV- rays. Our Indoor Playgrounds, ideal for Recreational Centres, are of different colours and built with non-toxic, totally auto digestive materials, immune against external atmospheric agents as well as the fire.
Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds of Pgoplay:
  • Are Playground which can be designed according to the customer's needs, width, height, lenght and theme customization.
  • Are Playground Games which are equipped with: a pool of balls, trampoline, indoor slides, outdoor slides, tunnels, entrance arches, obstacles, climbings, swings, portholes and a lot of multiactivity paths. 
  • The Playgrounds are Indoor and Outdoor Games perfect for Hotels, Villages, Recreational Centres.